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You Have a Message for Your Readers

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You have a message or information that you want to get across to your intended readers in the most effective and engaging way possible. You want to make sure that they understand what you need them to know as easily and interestingly as possible, before they get distracted, frustrated, confused or simply bored. Often it’s most important to be clear about what you would like them to do.

I have many years’ experience in the business and public sectors writing most conceivable types of report, briefing or communication. I trained in effective reader-focused business writing, which ensures that the text’s essential message is clear and up-front, and not buried under background information. It also sharpened my skills in keeping to the point and not being overly wordy. I use plain English where needed, particularly if the text will be for public use, or I can use an informal style if that’s appropriate, for example in a blog post. My formal editing training and experience mean you can be confident that I’m able to make your business text shine.

I offer copyediting, content writing and proofreading for business documents and web content:

Copyediting – this involves ensuring that your text is well structured to provide clarity, and is accurate and easy to follow. I will ensure that it uses a consistent editorial and writing style, and is free from error, omission, repetition and factual inconsistency. You can learn more about copyediting here.

Content writing – I will write your business document, web content, newsletter or blog, tailoring the style and structure to consider the text’s purpose and audience. I will ensure that the document is reader-focused and clear; I will also ensure that it’s copyedited for consistency and accuracy, as described above. You can read more about content writing here, or you can browse my blog above.

Proofreading – I will check your text for errors in grammar, spelling and punctuation. I will also look for inconsistencies in facts. You can learn more about proofreading here.

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