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Content Writing: Headliner

It’s tempting here to say ‘it does what it says on the tin’ – quite simply, I’m happy to write your content for you, for many different purposes. Examples might include business documents, web content, newsletters or blogs.

My skills in effective, reader-focused writing have been developed with long experience. I always ask myself what the reader’s key questions will be and what the essential message is for the text, and ensure these are clearly addressed as early as possible. It’s so easy to bury the most important points under background and context – I’ll make sure your content avoids doing this. I’ll also make sure that the language is appropriate for the audience, and use plain English wherever possible. I can use an informal style if that’s appropriate, for example in a blog post.

This article explains why leaders need to be good writers, too. Whether you think your writing might suffer from expert-itis, or is using WSL (writing as a second language), I can help to make it shine.

I will copyedit the text before sending it to you, ensuring that it uses a consistent editorial and writing style, and is accurate.

How does the process work? You might send me the content in note form and/or some examples to work from, or perhaps I’ll interview your ‘employee of the month’ for a blog post.

If you’re not sure whether I would offer the content writing that you need, please drop me a line under ‘contact’ above, and we can discuss your request. Please let me know as much information as you can, including the document’s purpose, style, audience and approximate length. I enjoy writing, and look forward to getting involved in something new.

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