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Editing Fees & Terms: Welcome

My estimated rate for editing is usually £14.50 per 1,000 words (4 standard pages).

If I have performed a sample edit (see the information for self-publishing authors on my Fiction Editing and Non-Fiction Editing pages), I will use my discussion with you and the sample edit as the basis for my estimate. The fees above represent my usual rate of work.

All editing work involves a diligent process of checking, amending the text and querying changes, and my fees are set at a basic rate for that process. The condition of a manuscript can vary, though – it may be in an earlier or later state of development, for example. I will discuss your needs with you before I begin to ensure that I understand them.

For developmental editing, longer pieces of work, or if I am unclear about your needs, I may request a sample and may base a quote on that.

In rare cases I may, after beginning an edit, consider that the estimated fee is not correct. If so, I will stop work and provide you with a revised estimate. If you decide to cancel, I reserve the right to charge for the number of pages already edited (I would, of course, supply the work produced). I will provide full details in my estimate letter.

For a manuscript review, my fees are £14.50 per 2,500 words (10 standard pages).

Editing Fees & Terms: About Me
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